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Greenup Meals on Wheels wins $25,000 grant

Greenup Meals on Wheels wins $25,000 grant

  • By Rachel Adkins The Daily Independent

  • Oct 1, 2017

  • (…)

GREENUP Beverly Gray looks forward to 11 a.m. everyday, knowing this is when she will be handed a hot meal.

She is one of many in Greenup County who benefit from the Greenup Meals on Wheels program, receiving a free meal for five days a week.

“We’re pretty dependent on it,” said Gray, referring to her family.

The program will now be even more efficient after recently receiving a $25,000 grant to help fund food operations. The grant is being awarded to the program after online voting placed it in the top 40 in a national contest held by State Farm Neighborhood Assist.

All top 40 contenders will be given the grant. Curt Robinson State Farm Agency nominated Greenup Meals on Wheels for the award.

“I can’t put in words how I felt when they called and told us we won. I mean it’s a blessing,” said Bessie Madden, a volunteer at Greenup Meals on Wheels.

According to Madden, the program currently feeds around 44 residents. She said the grant would help with not only feeding, but also repairing appliances in the facility including two freezers that are out of service.

Misty Harman, office manager and agent at Curt Robinson State Farm, noted how tough the competition was, saying some of the organizations in the running were from big cities.

“I’m just astonished at our community for all the support that it did for us to end up in top 40,” she said.

Those who use the Meals on Wheels service are either elderly, homebound or have limited resources.

The meals are a big help, according to recipient Charlie Potter.

“This is greaty appreciated,” said Potter. “I don’t have to worry about meal.”

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